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Legal Information Service (LIS) Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation established to make accessible in plain language people's rights and entitlements under New Zealand Law. It was incorporated in 1981.

LIS does not directly provide legal advice or services.

We research, collate and publish vital welfare and social law information for people in need or who are working for the welfare of others.

The Legal Resource Manual, our key publication, is constantly updated as laws change.


We rely on funding from purchasers and subscribers to maintain our services. Many groups, because of their lack of funding or place in the community receive the Manual at greatly reduced prices.

Throughout New Zealand, CABx, libraries, budgeting services, law firms, government bodies and many community groups subscribe to the Manual and in turn make the information available to their users and members.

Professional lawyers and commentators are involved throughout the writing, editorial and committee work of LIS, often voluntarily providing their skill and knowledge.

It is important to LIS that the information we publish reaches people who need it and those able to assist others.

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The Legal Resource Manual

Current Update and Contents Information (post-update, September 2014)


Section 1: Benefit Issues

1.1 Benefit Issues - 1.2 Effect of Income - 1.3 Marital Status - 1.4 Reciprocal Agreements

1.5 Reviews and Appeals - 1.6 Benefit Fraud




Section 2: Main Benefits:

2.1 Sole Parent Support Benefit – 2.2 Emergency Benefits – 2.3 Jobseeker Support Benefit – 2.4 Supported Living Payment Benefit – 2.5 New Zealand Superannuation and Living Alone Payment – 2.7 Student Allowances and Student Loans – 2.10 Unsupported Child’s Benefit – 2.11 Youth Support


- ALL UPDATED 2014, including current rates. No current chapters in 2.6, 2.8, 2.9 (2014).


Section 3: Supplementary Assistance

3.1 Supplementary Assistance (2009 – Latest Appendix update in 2014, including current rates).

3.2 War Pensions (2002)


Section 4: Accident Compensation

4.1 Accident Compensation (2013)


Section 5: Employment

5.1 Employment Law (2011)

5.2 Health and Safety in Employment (2003)


Section 6: Housing and Tenancy

6.1 Social Housing and Housing New Zealand (UPDATED 2014)

6.2 Tenancy (2010)


Section 7: Legal Assistance and Dispute Resolution

7.2 Disputes Tribunal (2013)

7.3 Access to Official Information and the Ombudsman (2013)


Sections 8 & 9 – vacant sections (2013).


Section 10: Family and Domestic Legal Issues

10.1 Dissolution of Marriage (2008)

10.2 Victims Rights (2013)

10.3 Child Support (2005)






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